Me, Him and the Mini's.

Me &William
AKA:- Me, Mummy, Mel, Melio, Wifey
About me:- I'm married to my lovely husband Will, we live in North Yorkshire the seaside town of Scarborough. 
I'm a 30 year old stay at home mum who has three beautiful children. My boys Valentino 7 and Lorenzo 4 and my baby girl Alexandra born May 2012. 
I love reading articles and reviews especially if the around parenting and humor. I love gadgets and thing that make life easier for parents and children in everyday life.
Love getting out and about with the Mini's, gardening, recipes and meals out. Slight OCD especially when it comes to filling the car up, I don't like it to be over by 1p also the sound on TV has to be on an even number.

AKA:- Him, daddy, step-dad, husband.
William, 25 years old, works full time shifts in a local factory. Obsessed with gadgets, review sites and blogs, A dab hand and DIY, loves to sleep and eat meat. spends a lot of time in the bathroom, can be grumpy if hes hungry, loves to spend time with the Mini's and of course the Wifey. 

AKA:- Tino, T, Ds1, 
Valentino 7 years old. He is in year 2 at school. He is a member of the local amateur swimming club and also a beaver scout. He loves reading, writing, drawing and getting active out and about. Loves Moshi Monsters, mine craft, playing on computers and playing Skylanders.... think hes lost count of his collection now, he has that many! Proud owner of an XBOX, PS3, 3DS and tries to hog mummys IPAD. (Growing up 2 fast!)


AKA:- Enzo, Enz, Ds2 
Lorenzo is 4 years old and in his last year at pre-school, In September he will be attending the same school as Valentino. He is a very active boy who loves running around outside. He enjoys gardening, baking, drawing, dancing, singing and playing computers. He has no fear and will try just about anything, also and up and coming computer nerd, loves to draw!



AKA:- Alex, Lexi Boo, Dd1
Alexandra has just turned 1 born May 2012, shes a happy playful baby who enjoys playing with her big brothers, mummy and daddy, she loves to sleep and adores having fun in the bath.
She is crawling around but yet to take the first steps to freedom and walk. babbles the odd words like mum mum mum daa daa daa.
Valentino, Alexandra & Lorenzo

Valentino & Lorenzo

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